Tuesday, July 15, 2014

We can do hard things!

This week has been a roller coaster! last tuesday after i emailed we got to go to the temple and it is super pretty it is very small compared to the bountiful temple but it is just as pretty! I love that the gospel is the same around the world. 

        I am learning that sometimes i can let myself get annoyed very easily. and some of the elders are kind of unique but this week has been all about learning that none of what i am doing is about Ethan. So when i find myself annoyed or bugged i try to do service of somekind. Our investagators are really hard to teach sometimes especially for me because i have so much to say but my spanish holds me back and i can't communicate... but then today one of our teachers told me she was so grateful that i didn't let spanish hold me back. She said that it was so cool that sometimes i couldn't think of a word but i did my best to communicate the word with the investagator, but more important she could see the spirit in my eyes and my love for the investagator! that meant so much and showed me that the spirit is the most important not how well i can speak spanish!!! 

          you will all be interested to know that yes we did have an earthquake and it was awesome! but it was small and only lasted 6 seconds... none the less it was still super awesome and we freaked out! 

          I have to tell you about an elder named Elder Walker. he is probably the most unique person i have ever met. he has no intention of being friends with anyone else at all. One day this week he was saying why nobody likes him usually.(he seemed to be ok with that but i think really that was really hard for him.) then i said why what do you like to do. he said i like to run, play video games, sing, and play with my dog. Then i said look i like to do all of those things too. then i asked what kind of music he liked and he said he loves josh groban and i  yelled ME TOO!!!! then something cool happened he started to open up to me and our district and now he will laugh and talk with us! i am so glad that i could help him realize that he is loved because no one should ever feel like they are not loved. 

         I love all of you so much and i know that the lord will bless you all for your time and effort devoted to service! please always do the small things and everything else will take care of its self and also always remember that Jesus Christ Loves you and died for YOU!!! 

Yo se que el Jesucristo es nuestro salvador y obra missional es marvilloso! 

                                                 LOVE, Elder Groen the Elder
p.s. sorry if my spanish spelling was wrong or a little off im still getting there!

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