Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Santiago Chile is my home!

We had a special meeting with president this week and he came in a suit that was super nice with a white shirt that was SUPER expensive. Everyone noticed and were commenting on it. then after everyone else had spoken he spoke to us and he got down and said he was a little hot so he took off his jacket and that 300$ shirt was ripped up and had stuff written all over it!!!! Then he said maybe we look like we are obedient from the outside, but I beg of you that we find EXACT obedience from the inside out! It has to come from each of your hearts! 

      Elder Jones is doing great! He is very willing to work which is all I could ever ask for! 

 Love Elder Groen!! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Feliz Aneversario!!

Happy Aneversary!! 

 My new comp was asking about my family the other day and I reflected on all of the lessons I have learned from you two! I then spent a long time laying in my bead thinking! I thought to myself how did I get so lucky? 

    The truth is I sure lucked out to have two parents who raised me in a righteous home and taught me the things of real importance from a young age! As Elder Calister said You two were my prime gospel Teachers! 

    I find great joy in the fact that I am able to echo the words of Nehpi and say that I have been born of Goodly parents!! I think that in this moment the lesson that I am most grateful for that you both taught me time and time again is the lesson of Sacrifice! I watched for years as my Mom and Dad served faithfully giving time to their children and the church! You each gave so much your time to uplift and serve those around you! 

   I hope that today was one of the very best days for you two!!! 

 Love your Son Elder Ethan Groen! 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hey Family!!!

Well not a whole lot of news for the week... sorry! But the big news is we have changes this week and we have three changes together and so we are almost positive that one of us is going to leave...
This week we had ward council and our bishop thanked Elder Lopez and I in front of everyone for what we have meant to him. He said that if we were not there he might not have been able to make it through this hard time...

It is going to be hard for me to say goodbye to this ward if I have to go... And it will be even harder to say goodbye to Elder Lopez which should happen no matter what... But we have to learn and move on! I like a quote i once heard! "We were not created for Ends. That is why Death and all types of Ends are so hard for us, but We know that nothing truly has Ends." I hope all is well in the land of the english speakers! I sure love you all and i am so grateful for the support that i constantly recieve from all of you!!
Love Elder Ethan Groen!