Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I am in a new place! I am in a comuna or little city type thing called La Pintana, I am in the ward Los Robles. My new companion is Elder Corbo from Argentina! He is a great guy! He has had a few hard changes, but he is a great guy and we had a great week together! 

I remembered a while back when I got to my sector and one of my old companions would always talk about miracles and pray for miracles and it was awesome because we saw so many miracles together! So I got here and I tried to do the same thing! I talked about them a ton! and I prayed for them too! Then something crazy happened! We started to see miracles!!!!! Last Saturday we were walking and I looked at my companion and said take us to a miracle! He looked at me funny, then looked at the ground giggled and kept on walking. Then he walked up to this house where we met a woman named Elvira. She lost her son a year ago. He was robbed and killed. Turns out she was baptized Years ago. But her son and mother are both active members of the church! We talked for a long while then she asked us if we could teach her how to take her son to be baptized in the temple! We assured her we could and would and began teaching her! Then we invited her to the church and she acepted and we are going back to teach her tomorrow! After words we left her with a prayer and went our way! Then my companion looked at me and said "How did you know?" I looked at him just as amazed and probably with a face of confusion and said "I had no Idea." He looked at the ground giggled again and said "God is good!" 

To be brutaly honest with you all I did not think we would see a miracle like that but God is just so good to those who put their foot into the darkness! And he gave us a real and very powerful miracle! 

I Love this work and I love seeing miracles they happen so often! I would invite you all to ask for a miracle! And after you ask for one go start looking for one! 

Love, Elder Groen 

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