Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A week of interviews!

Hey yall!
          Well we have been at about 40 people in our church on sundays because of vacations... and we are limited in who we can visit because EVERYONE is gone, but they are about to end and we are SOOO Happy for that! even with the vacations we have almost been getting the standards of excellence for our mission! we are pretty happy about that! 
        On Monday we had interviews with president! He always has a way of helping you leave with more confidence and a desire to do more than before! He always tells me funny stories! this week he told me that Elder Zwick said he was going to call him and never did! Then he said thats just Elder Zwick! 
       other than that It was a normal week with lots of work when a few families come back we are hoping for a few baptisms!!!!!!
     With A lot of Love Elder Groen!!!

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