Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hey Conference!

Hey everybody have a great week with conference! Mom Maybe you could share that youth story with the rest of the group? I know that a little Love goes a long way! Go out of your way to prepare for Conference and Find someone to Love and Invite!! I promise if you all do you will find blessings of the Lord in your lives! 

Smile because this is a happy gospel!!! 
Love Elder Groen!! sd

*This is to what Ethan refers.  I asked Ethan what his General Conference plans are.  This was his response: 

We get to go to the stake center and watch it! I am going to watch it with all of my young men!! By the way I am now the only young men leader or the young mens president! the other leader has been gone for 3 months and is having some tough problems and got released... When I got to the ward we had 3 Active young men. Now we have 7 Active and they are happy and go to seminary, mutual, and sunday Every week and they all now tell me that they Want to be missionaries! And we started doing lessons and a game every saturday so they can invite friends that arent members and the less active youth to come and be a part of the joy they are finding in this group!!!

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