Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ollo - I mean Hello!

Hello I would like to start by saying that I am truly sorry for not sending a big email for the past couple of weeks. I would also like to say that I will not be buying a dog anytime soon and perhaps never when I return from Chile!
      So to explain a little about Chile that many of you might not know! There is an average of two dogs per block in Chile (no that is not official it is my own guess) one might ask how could these dogs live? The people of Chile throw out their garbage to the streets to be collected and to make matters worse people do give those street dogs their leftover food! So there is an abundance of diseased dogs in the street....
      I have not changed my area or sector still!! I am still training and it is most likely that I will leave at the very end of May to another place! Still the ward Progreso! And yes I still Love this Ward!!!!
      now for some updates! We have two dates for baptism right now! One is really serious and we are getting ready for the 9th of May the other is less serious about it, but still is growing so we will see but he is also planning for the 9th of May! That is some really fun news! We are also hoping to see some reactivations of some less Active members of the ward! The work is working! And even though I was told time and time again that we don´t get very many bapstisms or many reactivations We are seeing things happening in this ward! The members have begun to work with us! We have been searching dilligently to find new people! We have been Obedient! All of these things are happening and the Lord is blessing us!!! To all the missionaries and people who say that I can´t I would read to them Fillipeans 4:13 I can do ALL things in Christ which strengtheneth me.
      Elder jones is still working hard And I love him and all he does for me! He is still new and full of energy and hard work!!!!
     This sunday I challenged the young men to think of someone we could go visit together! when I did that they all came up with two names of less active youth. Then they said lets invite them to mutual together. Then with more comments and the pitching in of others they decided to go right after church! so we did and both said they would come to mutual with us today!!! These youth have changed so much! and they are changing me SOO much I am so grateful for the love they have shared with me!!!
Things are good here in Chile! thanks for the prayers from everyone!!
Love Elder Groen!

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