Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I know my Savior lives!!!!

    I don´t know if I have had a chance to bear my testimony to each of you in a while! So I would like to share my testimony! 
      I lived a life for myself 100% before my mission! It is what almost every teenage child does and honestly isn´t a terrible thing. I was focused on what mad ME happy! I didn´t ever try to put myself into the shoes of others or to live for someone else. It honestly never even crossed my mind to do that! I was living for myself! 
     Coming out here on the mission we are asked to live for someone else for the first time for most of us! For the first time you dedicate studies, prayers, time, thoughts, energy, and more on other people! Wether or not your heart is in it, you are doing it! 
     At first it takes some time to adjust to the new life and to really grasp what you are doing. But then after some time it is like the change begins! It isn´t one moment that happens when you look and you are completely different. It is a process that happens over time! You can´t see it happening in the moment, but after a while you look and see that you are different! your desires are different and you don´t even want the same things anymore! It comes from giving yourself! 
     I have always heard the scripture, If you lose yourself you will find yourself! but now I am seeing it happen! I have strived to give myself to the Lord and in turn he has molded me and made me into a new person! The Love and patience that he has had for me has astonished me! I can not believe that he loves me SOOO much! I know that Jesus Christ LIVES!!! It wouldn´t make sense for him not to live! I know that he is the Savior of the World!!!! What a glorious message we carry! I know that Even though I am not perfect he is there to lift me up and give me hope! 
     I Testify as one of his called servents that He lives and loves each of us! I only have so much time to share this message as a called servent! So I will give ALL I can! 

     Love Elder Groen!!! 

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