Wednesday, July 29, 2015

So pink is nice!

So other than the fact that i feel like I have been completely stripped of ALL of my man cards... I am loving the pink house! The color really brightens things up! It makes the house feel really sunny all the time! And the best part is we have no shame singing the song "Duh duh dununa duh duh! I feel like a woman!" 
         We had interviews with president this week! It is always like he knows what your needs are or he knows what you are going to ask him before you ask him! I love interviews, because you always walk away feeling like you want to work harder and give a little more! He asked me why I was here in the mission and I told him why. It was a really powerful moment for me! I think it was almost like a light went off in my head and I understood why I am here in the mission! 
         We have a big ward activity with the Youth coming up this week on friday and tonight for mutual we are going to help them all get ready that is going to be super fun! I love working with the Youth and helping them all! It has been a huge blessing to me and I will never forget the young men of this ward they have truly impacted me in ways that they will never know! The sad news is that in my interview president told me that it is more than likely that I will be leaving the sector on Agosto 25 and Then My ZL told me that president also told him I was going. So I think my days here in this ward are very limited... I will miss these people, but I plan to go out with a bang and work as hard as I can for this last month witht them!!!! 
        I just want to leave you all with a spirtitual thought! I studied a lot about our vision this week! One of the interesting things about us as humans is that as hard as we try we can only focus our eyes on one thing at a time! We are incredible at changing that focus really fast, but that focus is on one thing at a time! It is like when you are walking! You walk where you are looking! So where is your spiritual vision? is it forward or backward? is it on things of the Lord or things of the World? Because it can´t be on the two at the same time! So try and think about where you are looking and where you are going! It is interesting to think if you kept on going in the direction you are headed where would you be in 5,10 or 20 years! It will tell a lot about your vision! 

          Love the just peachy Elder Groen! 

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