Wednesday, July 8, 2015

So here we go again!

The way they do changes here kill me! we have a 3 day warning and then we change! saying goodbye to members, converts, and investigators is a nightmare... Anyway by next wednesday I could have a new comp and be in a new sector, but the truth is no one knows! So wish me luck because If I have to say goodbye to this ward after being here for 8 months it is going to be a tough weekend! 

Anyways You are all at youth conference!!! how fun is that I hope it is all going well and that you will give me a great report with lots of pictures!!!! 

Well my spiritual thought comes from a scripture I love dearly! 2nd Nephi 31:20 "Wherefore ye must press forward!" that is the very first part of it, but a part that I love! think about where you are and the trials you have or maybe the trials of others you have and think about how sometimes it would just be easier to quit... Now think about what Nephi is saying! Press forward! Remember that better things are always to come if we but press onward with diligence and with patience!! 

Love the Ethan-ater!! 

Chillin' on the back porch

This is how the missionaries watched the COPA. 

Soccer fans!

Still strong and fit.   Kinda weird that his twin, who we don't think could have seen this picture, did the same thing just a week later to show his strength.   It's a twin thing - we won't understand (unless we're a twin). 

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