Wednesday, July 1, 2015

1 Año!!

Well I figured something good I could do is talk about 5 of the Lessons that I learned in this first year in the mission! 

First lesson! The power that every individual has in himself or herself! 
            Each of you is a daughter or son of God! That means that you come from a royal lineage! We also are given a privilage and responsibility of living under the keys of the priesthood! That is a number that is so small! in all the time of the world very few have had this opportunity! So remember the power that each of us have to do good! You can start doing good in so many ways but think of the way this world could change if everyone realized the good they could do! I believe that everytime that we do a little good we are helping change the world for the better!

Lesson Two! The power of service and giving! 
            There was a study that was done that those who give and are more focused on spending more money on others than themselves tend to be more happy! Get out and give! wether it be your time, love, things, or hugs just give! Everytime you give a little you are following the examle of Jesus Christ! 

Lesson 3! The importance of a visit! 
            Have you ever been siting at home and someone came to stop by and see how you were doing? If you haven´t its ok! But Trust me in will change your day, week, and maybe life! when we go out of our way to visit someone it will help change them and their relation with us! Please get out and visit! whoever it is forget yourself and visit someone who needs it! 

Lecion numero 4! 
          how to love! I did not know that I could love people I didn´t know and who lived lives so different than mine! sometimes inspite of the lack of love that I recieve I still feel a powerful love for the people here that seems to give me a sense of motivation and drive that pushes me through the tough moments! Love truly is the most powerful tool that we have as desiples of Christ! 

Lesson 5! The Atonement is farther reaching than i have ever before known! 
          I have seen the Atonement reach lives that many thought were Too far gone or that were without hope! but I have seen that there is NO soul that the Savior cannot save! 

These are some of the little lessons that I have learned in my time out here! I am still growing and striving to become a little better everyday! I am so happy to have had this year here in Chile it has truly changed my life! I could not be more grateful to my parents and family who gave me this opportunity! and to my Father in Heaven who so lovingly gave me all that I have! 

 With all the love i have Elder Groen! 

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