Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A GREAT week!

  So did you know that the word Great means above average, or exceeding the normal! Well it does according to my spanish dictionary! One might ask what makes it a Great week then? I will tell you! A great week is a week when you can see the hand of the Lord in your life! A great week is when you know that you have been successful in helping someone come unto Christ even if it is only a little bit more, When you can look back and say WOW I am truly happy doing what I am doing in the place I am in! A great week is when you have an overwhelming feeling that Someone is here at your side to give you a hug, but when you look you don´t see a person! A great week is simple, it is when you are given another confirmation of the love that the Savior has for you! so those are a few of the reasons why I had a GREAT week!! :)
      I had a really fun experience in my personal study two days ago! I was listening to a song from the old album of the Nashville tribute band that my comp has! I was listening, but I was writing and not focused on the words more studying that anything! Then I got this feeling that I should listen to the words so I did right as a new song started. It was a lady telling the story of her son who she had to barry when he died as a baby. She was a pioneer from a long time ago! I felt a strong warmth in my whole body when that happened! Then she said the name of the pioneer who experienced that! Her name is Elizabeth Partige Lyman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not believe that I don´t know if she is a direct ansestor or not, but judging by the two last names I am fairly certain that she is! It was such a neet testimony to me to here what she experienced so that I could be a part of this gospel and here in Chile in this very moment!!!! WOW!!!!
    So we also had a Zone Conference this monday! it was AWESOME just like Always! President Cook is such a great guy and always inspiring and inspired! He taught us a very powerful message on the Sacrament! The importance of it, but also spoke of the importance of Grace and Works and how that relates to the Sacrament! It was Powerful!
    This week it is likely that we will be moving houses! Due to how dangerous our mission is the area presidency has asked that in our mission we move all of the sister companionships to be living with 4 or more sisters! So the sisters will still be working in the same ward but will be moving outside of the sector and we are going to move into their house! the only problem is that their house is pink and has flowers EVERYWHERE!!! So we will send pictures when we move! We still don´t know when but it should be soon! the sisters move out tomorrow! should be fun!
    Well I just want you all to know that I love this work, church and most importantly my Savior!
Love the man from snowy Chile... wait there is no snow... only on the mountain tops.... Groen!

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