Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Even when it's hot!

This week in the sector we what I think was a faith check. On sunday we went to try and find a less active. When we got there they weren`t there so we decided to start contacting. It was early on in the day and very hot! But we just kept on going. In the space of 2 hours only 2 people answered their doors and quiqly shut them again. Then we stopped under the shade of a tree to decide what to do next and escape from the sun for a second. I thought we should change locations and start contacting in a different place. But Elder Johnson said he felt it was that place that we needed to contact, so we decided to keep going after a quick water break. The first house no one answered, but the second house a man came out and we were able to begin a conversation with him and we then were invited into his house and shared with the family! We went back yesterday and have another appointment on friday. We are helping them with English and also teaching them the gospel! We are so excited and so happy that the Lord would guide us that day to find a prepared and very kind family. I do have a testimony of contacting, not because it is the most efficient way to find, but because it is a way that we show our faith to the Lord that we will use every moment to find those he has preapared. I know he truly has prepared people for us to teach. 

Even when its hot we can find, Even when its hot we can show faith! I know the heat isn`t that bad, but I think it represents all of the opposition that we have in this life to hold us back from doing what is right! 

I love you all have a great day! 

Love Elder Groen! 

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