Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Things are just too good!

I sometimes think to myself. Why does God give me so much! Why have I been so blessed? I love what I am doing! For some people it might be hard for them to understand why any young person would leave home to go and be rejected day after day in the cold and the hot. Why they would go do something that is so hard. Why they would delay their lives to go to a foreign place to talk about a book, God, a prophet, and other similar subjects. Many have told me it is not worth it and that no one wants to hear what I have to say. But I will tell you why I do it! My reasons have changed and I am not here for the same reasons I came here! But I am still in Chile because I know that God loves me and he loves everyone of his Children and he wants them to be happy for this life and for the Eternities. He wants to live with them forever! I know exactly how this can be accomplished! And I want the people to find out what it means to be truly happy! I know I can help them! I have seen people change their lives for this and find true happiness! I want the whole world to know it! I just feel like I am on top of the world sometimes and that with my Savior at my side I can do anything! 

This week we saw more miracles! We were walking and we felt impressed to go to a family that is less active that has not been very receptive to us in the past. We went to them and they said we couldn`t come in right now. so we just started talking. We did not go inside but we taught a lesson right there in that place! It was so cool! She changed so much in that time and was truly listening to us. Then she said "Elders I want to go back! But when the missionaries come over they just tell me what I know and make me feel bad... I don`t like it when they come over." I felt impressed to tell her "Sister, do not worry you will not feel bad with our visits. The spirit is here and we will strengthen you with these visits. We will not point out your faults, but rather your strengths and you will feel that you can go back to church with us." Then she looked at us with teary eyes and said thank you. Then invited us to go back on thursday

Another family had a little boy named Alejandro. He was diagnosed with Epilepsy. The past few weeks they have been coming to church and listening to us! Now their son just recieved news that he might not have Epilepsy and that it has just dissapeared! On Friday we will know for sure! It is a living day miracle!!!!!! They are the Vargas family and they all live together witht he parents in one small house. They live 18 people in that small place. They were noticed that they would have to leave to a new place. and for three months have been looking and looking and they have 1 more month untill they have to leave, but yesterday a member called us and told us he found a place and now they have a place to go!!!! We are so happy for them! They have a portable house and only pay for light, water and rent for the land they are on. but the land they are on now was sold and the new owner doesn`t want them there... But now they have a place to go! 

I love being a missionary and I love all you! Have a great week! 

Love Elder Groen! 

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