Tuesday, August 5, 2014

gotta love it but I sure am ready to leave!

So as you all hopefully know i am leaving to the field in one week from today! i can not tell you how not ready i feel but how ready i am to leave! I love the CCM so much but all day stuck in a stinky classroom with no windows gets a little tiresome! And so i am very excited! this week we will go on splits with the local missionaries and we will go contact people in the park (Scary but Fun)!!! the Bad news of all this is i do not think i will be able to email next week so i am very sorry for that but please send me all of your emails because i love to hear how EVERYONE is doing!!!

      Any way this week was fun but also very similar to every other week!! On tuesday we said goodbye to all of our teachers and that was sad because you get to grow so close to them, but we got new awesome teachers on wednesday so it was fine!! Wednesday we got a few new things. We got new teachers Hna. Arcos, Hno. Gonsalez and hno. Correa! i love all of them a lot but they don't speak any english so sometimes it is very difficult!! We got two new roomates for two weeks Elder Clegg and Elder Puzey! they are nice boys i like them we don't see them a whole lot but its all good!! 

Thursday we taught an investigator and turns out he is a bar tender and i told him i wanted a drink... spanish is kind of hard sometimes!!! other than that it was just spanish all day long!

Friday was excatly what every day is here so it was kind of boring but i like the days here so it wasn't bad in any way!!!

Saturday i had a cool experience with an investigator! he was talking about his concerns and the spirit just prompted me to talk about why we chose to serve missions so i did and he completely changed and began to listen to our message i was so happy! the spirit is definitely the teacher not us!!!

Sunday was good but we got put into the all spanish lessons so all day long i don't really know what was said, but i do know that i felt the spirit and that is what is most important!! 
Monday was good we didn't do a whole lot but we did talk about how much of a miracle it is that we are in Chile being able to learn spanish!!! 

I know this gospel is true please do what is right make the everyday little decisions the right ones and when it comes time for the big ones it will be a MILLION times easier to make it!!! God loves his children, and i love the people of Chile and all of you!

                                                      Love Elder Groen the one who is in Chile!
p.s. enjoy milk it is something that i wish i had.

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