Wednesday, August 27, 2014

hey guys love ya'll

so first of all i spent almost all my time trying to figure out how to download pictures so my letter will be kind of short! and second of all the dang thing i bought so i could download pictures won't work so i didn't get any pictures up yet... please don't kill me! 

      now my week! so we have been working on an 18 year old named fransisco who is SUPER smart and he is reading and praying about baptism, but he says he hasn't felt an answer. so we are trying to help him see all of the different ways the spirit can touch us! 

Oscar another less active member has now been off of drugs for 3 weeks!!!! its a miracle he couldn't go 3 days without before he started reading the scriptures with us everyday!! 

everyday we walk So much but the cool thing is we are coming in contact with hundreds of people everyday that we are helping plant seeds. Just remember the lord needs willing servants who will be his soldiers to fight satan in these latter days!!

 oh and mom the missionaries in the ward were volunteered to be in the ward choir so... yup im back at it again! we are going to practice right after we email today!!! 

  the trainer of my old companion is having some stress problems right now and they are going through a pretty big trial. so please if you could family pray for elder delgatto and elder Curtis they could use the extra blessings! 

also everyone promise me you will read the book of mormon or any scriptures but without them you cannot feed your seed of faith and of testimony. i can't tell you how much i wish the people down here would learn that... so please do it, its so little being asked.

                                                         Love elder Groen! 
p.s.    the word of the week is sonrisa.       lift up your hearts and rejoice!     SMILE!!!

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