Wednesday, August 13, 2014

hey guys i made it!

                 well this week! where to start... oh yeah the beginning! on thursday we went on splits with some missionaries from santiago east for 5 hours and it was so incredible! i shared my testimony with a little old lady and she started crying! i didn't know i could do that in spanish!!!!!!!! it all just really settled my nerves and showed me that i can do this!!!

           friday and saturday were good we said goodbye to all of our teachers on saturday and it was sad but exciting!!! 

           sunday was normal and wonderful!! then at night President Cook came and spoke at the CCM and it was AMAZING!!!!!  "we congratgulate you for your sacrifices but we do not apoligize for them!" 

           Monday was a big long boring orientation day and we learned all about how to work with ward members!!!

           Tuesday was the big day!! we woke up at 6 and got ready to leave then we left to the mission at 8 and got there at about 9 then we took care of all of the paperwork and that good stuff! and i learned that my trainer and new companion is Elder Burt! he is really cool he is from massechusits i know i spelled that very wrong but i can't think in english sorry! and we had a really good lunch!!!! then we had a testimony meeting with all of the new elders and sisters! then we left to my new home!! it is really small and we live in the upstairs of a cute old couple that are members! it is so humbling to see what these people have and how happy they still are! count your belssings you are all living in mansions! and please serve everyone you can there is no reason not too! anyway then we went and taught the mesa family that was super hard they spoke the fastest spanish i have ever heard! but i was able to share my testimony and try to speak with them!! then we taught Oscar who is a great guy but has a problem with drugs... so we meet with him everyday to make sure he is staying out of trouble! but he is just a happy gut that wants to improve his life it is so humbing!!! 

             today was pday and we played soccer that was super fun and then we had complaetos a big hotdog with everything on it yummmm!! then we cleaned the apartment and came here!!!! 

                I know this church is true and i love it with all my heart! please, please, please serve the lord will give you opportunities all the time just take advantage of those! I love you all!!!!
                                                    Love Elder Groen 
          p.s. keep on keepin on
          p.p.s. come up with lots of questions that i can answer next week!!!!

Elder Groen asleep - what a surprise! 

Missionary selfie

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