Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hello everybody!!

First things first! THis is for EVERYBODY that reads this and please everyone who reads this should tell everybody that they know of this new enlightenment!!!! i was reading in a book called gospel principles!!!! and it said that a good activity for the saboth day is to take 10 or 20 minutes and write a letter to a missionary!!!!!!!!!!  Now of course i wouldn't say this in a selfish way so please you don't need to send me any letters... but think of all of the missionaries you know and spend some time to write a letter to them!!! you have no idea how happy it will make them!!! Letters are just about the very best thing in the whole world!!! what a great family sunday activity!!!!

      Second of all! this week i was called to help and be an asistant to the young mens president. when he is out of town(like riight now) i am in charge of the young men. its only us two and the bishop working with them right now! due to the short in numbers of priesthood bretheren in the ward. all of a sudden i am feeling a lot of stress, but i am going to do my best to prepare all of them for a mission! i was in thier position about 6 months ago! i understand them and know what they are all thinking! so i am going to do my best to love them and help them! that is something that is really small in this ward we have about 6 young men in this ward and i wouldn't say that any of them are particularly strong right now... but we are going to see about that!!!

     Third! This week we were teaching a cute old couple named Juan and Beatrice. we have been teaching them for about 2 weeks now about 3 lessons in total and in our 2nd and 3rd lessons we asked them to be baptized. they haven't said yes yet... they are VERY catholic, but they are changing and they commited to praying about the gospel and baptism into this gospel! they said the believe everything we have said is true including Joseph smith, the Book of Mormon, and the Plan of Salvation. they just won't commit to baptism... but i understand it is really hard for them to change now when they are both 80 years old and change what they have known for their whole lives! but we keep on asking and teaching with faith that they can know that this church is true and that they need to be baptized!!!! 

     the work is working and sometimes i feel like its really hard to be in a tough mission without baptisms or much results. but i alwasy remember the story of Abinidai and his seeds that he planted!!! I know i am doing the Lords work and will! And I KNOW this church is true! 

           I love you all and hope and pray for you all! Love Elder Groen!  

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