Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Well it was definitely a good week!

  So as you all know we had our big Christmas celebration on saturday! that was really fun! we all learned so much! we learned that even the Savior himself had people make fun of him and in comparison had very little followers during his ministry. But he not once measured his sucess by numbers or by how many baptisms he had. He was the perfect example of what it means to do the Fathers will with no desire for numbers or notice for doing something great. We cannot strive only for numbers we are here for individuals not to see the church's numbers increase. 

      This week was a great week! we are working on finding new people. which means we are walking and knocking doors a lot! but turns out its not that bad we like to make fun games out of contacting people! like the next green shirt we see we have to talk to! or things like that! And its a great time to learn more about my companion! 

     This week we had two really great lessons with two different people! and both of them are looking like they are ready to be baptized! we are excited to try and put dates for baptism for the two this week! one was the guy with the Iguanna and the other is a young man with 15 years and we are trying to get his Grandma also! I will keep you all uptaded on them next week! 

     This week on friday we have our ward Christmas party and we have done so much for it! i will try and send pictures next week to all of you! 

       Well the work is working and i am really happy and working hard! sorry my emails i feel like are always kind of boring. i will work on being a little more lively in my emails for the future! 

                                                  Love Elder Groen!!! 

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