Friday, November 28, 2014

What a week!

           we had another special conference this week! so The 4 elders in my house all woke up early got ready and left. in total it was an hour and a half to the center where we had the meeting. we got there and right in front of the building saw two sister missionaries walking the other way and asked them. where are you going? they said we are going back home the meeting was cancelled! the night before this all happend our zone leaders sent us a text saying that it was cancelled. but our district leader never got that text and so we went all the way to find out it was cancelled... but it was fun! 

          then this week we had interviews with president! in my interview i got a feeling that he has a lot of trust in me! it gave me a feeling that not only him but my Father in Heaven also has a lot of trust in me! i tmakes me want to work SOOO hard so I do not let either of them down. 
         the work is working! we are seeing an increase in our sacrament attendance that is amazing, but we are struggling because all of our worthy priesthood brothers are working with the stake and it seems like we keep losing leaders to help the ward. the amazing thing is we had a ward council meeting where the bishop adressed all of his problems that he had with the missionaries in the past and said i am sorry. it was one of the most spiritual meetings i have been in yet on my mission! It was amazing to see so many humble hearts turn to the Lord for help in a time of need! this humility is going to help this ward I know it!!! 

         We have a menos activo named Jose that is really awesome we are seeing an incredible change in him and think he is going to come back to the church this week! keep on listening next week to find out whats going on with him!!!

I want to give a special thanks to all of you that read this for this special week of thanksgiving! Your prayers are felt and needed! I am so grateful for the thousands of examples that were and are in my life thank you all so much!!!

And my family! Mom, Dad, Jessi, Dalton, and Gabe. you all gave me so much! so much more than i ever deserved! but i want you all to kow that i am so grateful for everything and i am so grateful that we can live together forever!!! "Groen, we are loyal to God and each other!" 

Love Elder Groen!!!

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