Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hey Guys!

So this week we had the most amazing chance to hear from Elder Vinas, Elder Christensen, and Elder Nelson! they all spoke about wonderful things! but Sister Nelson and Elder Nelson were absolutely incredible! Sister Nelson told us of our divine heritage and the spirts that are with us helping us everyday of our lives! she said we need to be constantly praying to realize where we came from and what we have to do! and that we need to pray always to know of the spirits that are with us always! Then Elder Nelson spoke of The Abrahamic covenant and our divine lineage in this earth and the gathering of the 12 tirbes of israel! both were amazing but what happened at the end of the Meeting was a miracle! 

      Elder Nelson had a translator the entire time and spoke in English because he doesn't know spanish! but at the end he said now i am going to give you an apostalic blessing! but he said that in spanish! then he gave us an apostolic Blessing in PERFECT spanish!!!! I don't know if he was or wasn't to the others in that room but when he gave that he was literally glowing!!!!! right then i felt the spirit so strong and i will never be able to deny that he is an apostle of the Lord! i know without a doubt that the Lord sent him to Chile to help us help the people! it was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!

       other than that the week has been good! We are finding many many new people to teach we are tring to have faith that the Lord has a plan and prepared people for us to teach! President Cook sent Elder Lopez and I this letter! 

I am doing great and i hope all of you are too! please remember to have faith in all things!!!!
 Love Elder Groen!!!!

*Note from Mom - we finally got some pictures. The date happens to be the same and was way before he left for his mission, but hey, they are pictures!!!!    We're not sure about all the people so we don't have names on some. 

Elder Groen & new companion Elder Lopez

Elder Groen & Elder Burt and trick-or-treaters?

Elder Fernando (Fernandez?)? and Elder Groen 

I recognize Elder Burt and Elder Groen

Elder Groen and Elder Burt

I just don't know about that tie.... He sure is enjoying his huge tie purchase. 

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