Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sorry everybody!!

I didn't have time to write my big long letter that usually isn't that long i am going to try and get better at that! please know i love you all and pray for you all see you next week!!! and i will write a letter all about this week and send it next week how does that sound? Chow!!!
Love Elder Groen!!!!

(I asked Ethan about the Iguana in the picture posted in the last blog.  Here is his answer:)

we went to a house that Elder lopez said they contacted before i was here. they hadn't been in before but we were going to try! they let us in and we went to the back yard! there was two guys about 28ish and a girl too! the investigators name is Felipe! we just spend about a half hour getting to know them and then they started asking about the church. when they did they asked about the word of wisdom. then he said " I love nature and everything to do with it including my lizard and marajuanna." it was wierd but then he went and got his lizard and thankfully not his marajuanna. now we have taught another lesson and he said he would read the title page of the Book of Mormon and pray about it! I know he felt something which is why he lets us come back! his name is Felipe!

(And here's the treat of our week.  Ethan didn't send it to us.   I got it from the mom of one of the other Elders in the song. Enjoy!)

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