Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Well, what more is there?

   I really have been in awe as i have seen the Lord bless the people and Me with SOO much! The Youth are all doing great we are trying to imply the mission work to what they are doing. We are looking for the lost sheep and have plans to rescue a few of the other youth! The only sad news is that one of the young men is leaving he is moving houses! His name is samuel and he is a GREAT young man! He is always happy and known for his funny comments! he reminds me a lot of my twin! he has the same smirk that just makes ya smile! we will miss him and all he has done for the quorums! The good news is one of the other young men will be getting bapitzed this saturday! Elder jones will perform the ordinance and he will be an official member! he is the young man who lost his father to cancer back in february. his name is Gabriel! He has truly had a change of heart. I have seen him change in attitude and become a happier person and he understands that baptism is his first step but that this step doesn´t end on saturday, but that it caries on through his life as it does with all of us every week as we partake of the sacrament! What a blessing it is to see the way the gospel can change peoples lives! It really is miraculous!!! 

        the sad thing is on June 2nd are changes and I think that I will be leaving this ward. I have spent my whole mission in this stake and seen so much and grew so much! we will see what the Lord has in store for me! All I know is Iré y haré , I will go and do! I love that line!

      Scripture of the week is Mosiah 14 The whole chapter is Incredible and I know that it is true and that Jesus Christ is my savior and my hope and because of him and his mercy and love I have a sense of purpose that drives me from day to day to give All that I have to share this purpose and love with others!!! 

 Family and friends I love you and thank you for your prayers and thoughts on my behalf!!

       Love, Elder Ethan Groen!!  

*From Andrea: 
Chilean dogs sound very different than dogs in the States. :)

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