Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Well, here we go!

        Turns out one of the theams of my mission is Change! Just when you are comfortable and feel capable of doing what you have been asked to do you are changed! This next tuesday are changes and I am sure that i will change companions! I don´t know if I will change areas we will have to wait and see. 

         Time and Time again I am amazed by the ways that I am being blessed! Elder Jones was truly a blessing from the Lord to me to teach me and help me grow in faith and dilligence! I remember I was afraid to ask a certain investigator to be baptized. I was afraid that he would say no and not want to visit with us again. I let my fear of Man come before my fear of God. Then we were outside his house and Elder Jones (without knowing what I was thinking) said to me I think you should ask him to be baptized. The way he said it to me and said it in the exact moment was a blessing to me and helped me overcome my fear and remember why I am a missionary! Elder Jones has taught me what True bravery is and what it means to Fear ONLY God! he has been a fabulous learner, a humble teacher through actions, and a GREAT companion! 

          This ward! I am in the Progreso ward and I have 7 months here! That is a Long time! I think that I will most likely be leaving this ward. It is hard but I know it is because it is my time! I have learned SOOOOO much from the people here and we have seen lives change! I will never forget the young men who helped shape my life and teach me who i am! they and their simple testimonies have changed me and my testimony! I will forever be grateful for the time I spent here in Progreso! They are wonderful members striving to build up the Kingdom of God!

           The Church is True and Jesus Christ Lives! of this I have NO doubt! they can lift us from the lowest of lows and the deepest of deeps! All we need to do is accept his out reached hand! 

               Love Elder Wheat-thin Groen! 

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