Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I`m Grateful for...

I think that many times in this life we get full of expectations for things to happen. And when they don`t happen we tend to be frusterated that they didn`t happen! So this week I realized that maybe I wasn`t being grateful enough for the things that the Lord has been giving me and I was taking for granted the spirit that He has given me and the strength that he gives me! 

When a new missionary gets to the mission field they are blown away at the miracles and it seems like they are full of the spirit and teach with such power! I think one of the reasons for this is because it is all so new! The spirit that goes with them is new and it guides and leads them and they teach with this spirit frequently! Some missionaries have told me that they don`t feel like they did when they started their missions. I think it might not be that they don`t have the spirit, but more that they have forgotten to give thanks for that spirit! They do not recognize it like they did before. 

I think one of the keys to recognize the gifts that we have been given and have them present in mind is through a grateful heart! We need to be grateful for the things that the Lord has given us! He has given us many things! We only need to open our eyes and see them and give him thanks for them. Then I believe that our attitude will change towards life and all the things that we are doing! 

I have loved this week trying to ask myself in what ways the Lord has blessed me! And it seems that I really do have too many blessings to count! I can`t even comprehend ALL of the things that he has given me!!!! My Father in Heaven loves me enough to give me a loving family, good friends, the church in my life, and more than anything else He gave me a Savior who would love me and guide me in every way possible! I want to give you all this simple invitation to "count your blessings"! I bet that if you do it you won`t be able to count them all! and then you will feel the love of the Lord in your life!!! 

I testify that he loves us individually! He knows us and blesses us!! I love the Savior and have come to know him more than ever here in the mission!!! 

Love Elder Groen!

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