Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Well I think I´m going to start by saying that this Thanksgiving day I am thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ! I think In all my life I have never felt the way I do right now in my life! I feel like every day is a great day from the moment I wake untill the moment my head hits the pillow! A year ago at this time in the mission it wasn´t like this. Actually I have always loved my mission and been happy here! But I feel like my Joy is still growing every day! And now My testimony is even stronger! So the first thing I am grateful for is my Savior! Because never in my life have I had the Love that I have for him or the testimony I have for him! 

Yesterday I went on divisions with a brand new Elder! He is from Chile and has only 1 week here in the field. His name is Elder Pizarro! He is full of Energy and a desire to work! At the end of the divisions we always have an inventory where the leader can talk about the good and the bad and see what the missionary can do better and put some goals for the next time! I did the interview and we talked a lot about him and how he felt here in the mission and his life. Then as we finished the inventory I asked him "what can I do better and how can I help you grow." He gave me two Ideas to do better and then he said something so simple that touched me! He said "Love me." I was so grateful in that moment for corrections. Because I felt so strongly from the spirit that I can do better! The spirit gave me a way that I could try to help him more and to be a little better! Not too long ago I was not able to take corrections without throwing back a correction for the other perosn. But I know that the Lord has helped humble me a little more and I am a little better than before!

This week We had 3 baptisms for a family that we have grown to love SOO dearly! The Rivas family! The three children were baptized Nayadeth, Joaquin, and Vicente. The mother is a less active and the father wants to get baptized! We told the family that the closer that they got to the baptismal date the harder it would be for them! The last week before the date Satan threw SO MANY temptations at them and they had a VERY hard week. But They knew that they had a purpose and that Batism was their goal and what the Savior wanted for them! So they did not give up or give in. They were baptized and now this family is all going to church and are growing in testimony! I am Grateful for Baptism, The Spirit that touches the hearts of many and the trials that we are given to overcome! 

Last of all I want to share to you all the Gratitude that I have for my family! (Grandma Groen got me again and I am in a public internet booth crying again) there are many nights when I stay up wondering why so many people are born into circumstances that are so hard! Or why they are born to only one parent or problems with addictions. Then I think about My family and the Blessing of a strong family in the Gospel of Jesus Christ! All of my Aunts and Uncles are strong members! My cousins have the same blessings as me and we pray that those who have strayed a little from the joy  of this gospel will come back, but it is very few that have strayed, but even then they do not have many problems and have not gone far! The Lord has truly given me a marvelous and I would say the second greatest blessing to me in my family! I am So grateful for Each of them! I love my family from My parents, brothers, and sister to every one of my cousins from the youngest to the oldest, to my aunts and uncles, to my grandparents! There are two of them that I never knew, but I love them too after praying to know them in my heart! I LOVE my family and I am so greatful for Each of them!!!! 

I love you all so much! Thank you for all you do for me! 
Love the Goofy Elder Groen! 😁

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