Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hey we are going to the President's house!

Hey I love you all! I have to go, but I am going to try and stop for a second at presidents house and write you all a big email! 
Elder Groen  **We never did get the "big email".  :)

*Note from Mom - I asked why they were going to the President's house.   Here is his answer: 

"So to explain a little for you! A long time ago when I had 4 months in my mission my zone leaders always said that we would go to his house for a barbeque. I was told that we were going to go I think 9 times in my mission! And it NEVER happened. His house is outside of our mission and you normally only get to see it on your last day at dinner with him and his wife. So I decided that I was going to do it now that I am a lot closer to him and I organized it for the Zone and so we are going to his house for our pday today!"

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