Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A tough week!

Hey famililamily!

So this last week we had SOOO many meetings! We were getting back to
our sector super late and we had very little time to work... But we
made it a goal to not waste any time and try to work with lots of
Urgency! But we tried and tried and we had problems with the Bikes and
it just seemed like no one wanted to listen to us... Then at the end
of the week my companion looked at me and asked me something simple.
He said "Elder, did we do all we could do?" And it was wierd because I
have never felt like I have worked so hard, but seen results so low.
and I looked at him and with an honest heart said "Yes, Elder I think
we did." And he said then we did what the Lord asked of us this week!
It was so special in this moment! I knew that We did not show on the
outside in numbers what our hearts showed last week! And it was so
wonderful to have another reminder that this is not a work of numbers
like President Uchtdorf taught. "Many thins that you can count, do not
count. However Many things that you cannot count, really do count." We
both felt a sense of calmness come over us and we knew that the Lord
was happy and so we were too!

and now in this week we have only had two days Monday and Tuesday and
already we have found new people, Taught many lessons, seen miracles,
visited with members, and seen that the Lord is sending more blessings
than we can count! Elder Holland once said "Some blessings come right
away, Some don`t come until later, and some won`t come until the
next life, but ALL blessings will come!" I know that the Lord blesses
us for our work! And I want to share the gratitude from my heart for
the Father in Heaven who is eager to bless us and give us "All that he
has" It is quite simple! We are too be obedient! "I the Lord and bound
when ye do what I say." We are to lift where we stand and give what we
have been given! I am seeing what seems to be way too many blessings!
Its almost like I feel like its not fair that I have so many
blessings! I know that it is because I am in the place that the Lord
wants me and doing what the Lord would have me do! I love this work
and being a missionary! I love seeing miracles and invite you all to
pray to see and have miracles in your lives also!

I hope all is well at home where it is cold! 

With Love Elder Ethan Groen!

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