Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Plans never seem to go as planned!

At the beginning of our new companionship we sat down and talked about things that we wanted to do and things we wanted to improve together! l told my companion that I wanted to improve my planning! So we sat down and tried to make really good plans for the week! then little by little our plans fell due to bycycle problems and time needed to repair them, fallen apointments, and adjusting to how big our area really is! At first I was a little annoyed and even began to think why is this happening to two missionaries who are trying to share this message with the whole world and we only have so much time in a day to do it? Why us? Can`t you help us and make it so our bikes don`t break? 

      After some time in my self pitty party I decided to be greatful! I realized that now that We are on bikes we saved so much time riding to our appointments and it made the work easier and smoother! A little break here and there isn`t the end of the world! Also now I am learning how to fix a bike! I will be an expert by the time I finish in this sector! 

     I am learning the power of positive thinking always! The lord blesses us with bumps and trials in our lives to teach us patience, long suffering, tollerance, and so much more! but if we get stuck in our problems and don`t look for the blessings we will miss them and we will be unchanged by these great opportunities to learn and grow! 

I love you all and all that you have done for me! Thank you for everything each one of you!   Love Eth! 

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