Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sorry I don`t have a lot of time to write this I was writing a lot of other stuff!

Ok So we had a big worldwide conference from the mission department! It was awesome! Elder Anderson told us something that changed the way I was thinking! He said When you do not know what to do, You should Testify of Jesus Christ! 

What a great thing that is! At this time I am called as one of his missionaries on the Earth! I am called to testify of him at all times! I am going to try and do this better and more! Sometimes I get much too focused on the other parts of the gospel that are good but sometimes I teach Repentance without testifying of the need of the Savior or maybe I get home at night and with other missionaries we talk about things that are not bad, but we don`t focus our conversations on him! So i just want to testify to you all right now! 

Jesus Chirst is our savior! He loves us! When we suffer he is the one who understands! He will give us the peace that we need! Sometimes we have trials that are not planned or expected, and we tell ourselves that we shouldn`t be here that we have worked hard and we should be able to live how we want to live our lives. But Our Savior is the perfect example of living his life without complaint of things that did not go as pleasant as even He would have liked! Do you remember? "Father remove this cup from me." But he then added that he did not want his will but only if it was the Fathers will. Maybe we ask this question too. Maybe we feel that we don`t want our trials. But Like our Savior we will grow and achieve so much more if we can understand and do our Fathers will! And when we are in our trials He will give us peace! He will not remove our trials, but he will give us peace, comfort and strength to endure our trials! I know that He lives and loves us!!!! I know that he will never leave us alone! We will be guided as we suffer with joy! I know he lives and testify of his love! 

I love you family! Love Elder Ethan Groen! 

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