Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A great week!

  I was reading my notes from november when Elder Nelson came and talked to the mission. i want to share a quote from him with all of you!! "All prophets have preached and looked forward to this time, and we get to play on the field! How do we not jump out of bed every morning?" think about it we are living in the most talked about time by the prophets! we are living the revalations of OLD! of Nephi, Abraham, Daniel, and almost all of the prophets of old and new! what a great chance to serve the lord! Let's Go! its up to us to fulfill their prophecy's!!!
       THis week we had a service project with a little old lady named Maria. we did a lot of work in her garden and her yard! it reminded me of the work Dalton and I did with RIchard and Ike! We were almost all done and i was still working cleaning some stuff up and I said "done!" and wiped my brow! then she looked at me and said "poor american, you haven't worked a day in your life. have you? not like the other three missionaries. (their are 2 sisters from mexico and argentina and my comp from colombia) what can i get for you? you are probably exhausted!!!" she said it with all sincerity and looked at me like I had just done the hardest thing in the world! I laughed and said i've done more work like this than all three of them! (they all told me they haven't done any work like this before!!)

       WE had Zone conference this week and we were given a lot of great advice and council! Also we saw Meet the Mormons in spanish!! the first ones in South America!!!! it was a great movie!!! 
we were given councel on two big things! first is swamp water. nobody wants to drink swamp water because it sits still all day long and gets really gross! but a beautiful mountain river everybody wants to drink! because it is always moving! President Cook challenged us to make sure our wards are not swamps that are not moving! he said it is up to us to make the water run!! he gave us a great tip to help us out! CONTACTS!!! this is when you talk to anybody and everybody about the gospel!! He told us we need More of this! this is how the water runs! when we are talking to everybody we are showing faith that Heavenly Father has people ready and waiting for us!!!
      Elder Lopez and I have been trying to live this in our work here! we have seen some really incredible miracles and i know that hard work pays off!! we have our 2 baptisms this sunday! for my moms birthday!!!;) and then on tuesday we have changes and i think Elder lopez is going to leave... it is sad because we were both new together and learned so much together! we grew together and saw miracles happen together! Elder Lopez has taught me SOOO much about being a Messenger for the Lord, And i will always be grateful for his example!!!
Love the very hot Elder Groen!!! that came out very wrong! oh well!

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