Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hello Everybody!

WEll happy Birthday MOM!!!! i hope it was great you should be getting a letter i sent it today!

    Well we had 5 baptisms in the ward on sunday! This ward had 1 in the past year and we have had 6 in the past month! we are seeing the hasting of the work before our very eyes! the Lord has his hand in all of this and i can not doubt that all of this was his doing! it is a great miracle to see his love for his children! It was the first baptisms of Elder Lopez, Me, and Sister Cabrera!! 3 of our 4 missionaries! 
   now how it all went! we got to the chapel at 4:30 to turn of the water to the font! we got there and there was a foot of water! We freaked out the water was SUPER LOW!!! so we had to improvize! we pulled out the emergency hoses for a fire and filled the font with those! It was super crazy! the baptism was planned at 5:00 but we had to postpone a little! The water came out SUPER DIRTY!! I just said to all of the people "hey better than a cold river right?" that was a little fun we were all running throught the building with fire hoses! just like spanky on Little Rascals! then we had the service and it was Absolutely beautiful!! i could not believe how strong the spirit was there! We had 67 people in sacrament that morning and we had over 80 to the baptism it was incredible!!! also our two baptisms are related to a member of one of the quorums of the 70!!!! that was a surprise to have a 70 there! it was all so wonderful and i was out of my mind excited and happy! These people that i love so much are now on the path to return with their Father in Heaven!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! 

    as for the rest of the week it was great! we had changes this week and Elder Lopez and i were not changed! President almost never does that 3 changes together is rare, but with two new and normal missionaries is SUPER rare! we are super excited about that! 

    WEll the week was great we had 20 lessons on friday and saturday and sunday were all of the final preparations for the baptism! Oh and Renee one of the baptisms is kind of like me! she shut down and got really quiet before the baptism. she wasn't smiliing or talking much. but after the baptism she was all smiles and was so happy!!! it was so great to see that she knew what she did was the right thing!!! 

What a great week to see the hand of the Lord here in CHile!! Have the best of weeks family GOODBYE I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! 

 Love elder Groen!!! 

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