Wednesday, January 7, 2015


well this week we had to change our baptismal date to the 25th of January! happy birthday mom!! this is REally exciting for us! we don't get a lot of baptisms in this mission! but we are trying to change that saying and work to make it a lot of baptisms!! we are seeing a lot of people change which is one of the coolest things in the world! 
The vision of the missionaries is a little different here. they seem to do everything! the ward members here rely on the missionaries for SOOO many things! our goal is to make them self sufficient! they use us for everything! and for some reason they think we are perfect! that sounded very prideful but it is true they all say that we are perfect! i wish they could see our trials and struggles and realize that we are human and are learning and growing just like they are! 
THis week we did a lot of walking! until monday! we had a really normal week with walking and visiting! we are trying to find more people to teach that is something that we are always focused on! finding new people and yes it is hard, but no not impossible! 

WE had our surpise inspection this week and because we are both really organized people we passed with flying colors!!! 

WEll sorry im not good at writing! my time management is kind of bad on the computer i just chat with you guys the whole time! i will do better next week! and write a few letters too! 

With all the love of the world!!! Elder Ethan Groen! 

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